Health, Safety & Environment

Our commitment to our stakeholders.

It is the policy of Warrego Energy to conduct its undertakings in a manner that protects people from harm and which complies with all applicable health, safety and welfare legislation.
The Warrego Energy HSEQ Policy has been defined by the board of Warrego Energy and has the personal commitment of all the Directors.

The policy applies to all Warrego Energy companies and all of its operations internationally.

HSEQ considerations are of equal importance to all of Warrego Energy's business and ethical objectives. The HSEQ objectives are woven into the decision-making process and are used to set and measure business performance.

The Warrego Energy board has and undertakes to continue to commit suitable and sufficient competent personnel and budget to ensure this policy and the HSEQ objectives are achieved.

The HSEQ objectives are:
  • zero harm to a person's health
  • minimise environmental impact
  • respect our neighbours, communities and stakeholders
  • comply with legislation
  • continuous review and true improvement
  • realisation of Warrego Energy's operating philosophy "Tread lightly on the land"
These HSEQ objectives will be achieved by the:
  • provision of a safe working environment and safe working practices,
  • definition, communication and conscientious implementation of a documented HSEQ integrated management system meeting relevant elements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007,
  • providing suitable and sufficient Instruction, information, training and supervision,
  • consistent application of hazard management with a defined level of acceptable risk,
  • selection of Partners and Contractors with the same HSEQ commitment and capability,
  • avoidance/ minimisation of hazardous chemicals and processes,
  • reduction, re-use and recycling of consumables,
  • consultation with affected parties to find mutually acceptable solutions, and undertaking frequent and systematic review, audit, measurement and evaluation to identify and implement true improvement.
  • inculcating a culture of openness and accessibility across all areas of Warrego Energy's business
HSEQ Policy (PDF download)