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Paul Robinson

Geological Management & Support

Paul has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry in various technical roles. He has specialised in fully integrated geological and seismic interpretation activities.

As a consultant over the past 20 years, Paul has completed numerous projects in onshore and offshore exploration, development, appraisal and in-field exploration projects, new venture acquisitions and gazettals, and resource assessments in Australia, India, Central Europe, East, West and North Africa, the Middle East, SE Asia, New Zealand and the North Sea. Paul’s technical background in petroleum exploration and development has centred on comprehensive basin analysis activities comprising detailed clastic and carbonate sedimentology, biostratigraphy, geological and reservoir model building, core and well-bore studies, field mapping, seismic interpretation and mapping, prospect generation, resource certification, and basin tectonic and sequence analyses. The latter include regional and field geophysical mapping, well and seismic sequence interpretation, sequence stratigraphy analysis, geochemical applications and basin thermal history modelling. Paul was instrumental in the discovery of the giant Bayu-Undan gas-condensate field (Timor Sea); identifying the deep play in the West Erregulla field (North Perth Basin), appraisal, development and doubling of the reserves of the Ravva oil field (Krishna-Godavari Basin), delineation of the Kupe South field and satellite pools (Taranaki Basin), reserves addition in Oil India’s Assam fields, reserve determinations of the Moran field (Papuan Basin); the discovery of the Kimu field in the Papuan foreland, deep target resource addition (Jasmine Field), appraisal of the BaImoral field (North Sea); and re-development of the El Bunduq field (Arabian Gulf).

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