EPA-0127 North Perth Basin


The largest exploration permit in the Perth Basin

EPA-0127 is 130km north of the Mitsui - Beach Perth Basin Waitsia play which has re-invigorated Perth Basin exploration and development and led to Mitsui acquiring AWE for $602M in early 2018.

Warrego (ASX:WGO) exercised its Call Option on exploration permit application STP-EPA-0127, in the north Perth Basin Western Australia, and now holds the application via subsidiary Palatine Energy.

EPA-0127, which on final grant will be 2.2m acres (8,700  km2) and is the largest exploration permit in the Perth Basin. The Call Option was entered into in April 2016 and was exercised for $250,000 of Warrego Convertible Notes. A further $100,000 in shares is payable once approvals are in place and a work programme has commenced in the northern Perth Basin Permit.

The WA fracking ban will apply to the exploration permit to be granted pursuant to this application.

The STP-EPA-0127 permitWA North West Shelf

  • is 185km long and about 55km wide (8,700  km2) and essentially covers the entire Coolcalalaya Sub-Basin.
  • contains up to 9000m of Neo-Proterozoic, Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sediment
  • lies at the northern limit of the prospective and partially developed Perth Basin, which produces conventional oil and gas from several fields.

Main exploration targets identified in the Coolcalalaya sub-basin are:

  • Conventional (Waitsia type) Permian sands
  • Conventional Permo-Carboniferous tilted fault blocks  


  • Primary Lower Permian Kingia and High Cliff Sandstone targets are equivalent to the Waitsia conventional gas setting.
  • Upper Permian Dongarra Sandstone represents a secondary conventional target. 
  • Potential play in conventional tilted fault blocks, involving Permo-Carboniferous sandstones reservoirs along the western edge of the main trough, and sourced from the Devonian Gneudna Formation.

Main exploration targets identified in the Coolcalalaya Main exploration targets identified in the Coolcalalaya

North Perth Basin Work Programme

North Perth Basin Work Programme

  • Two years full review of existing well data: outcrop geology; geochem; physical properties; coring; seismic reprocessing
  • Comprehensive stratigraphic drilling to recover samples and test hydrocarbon presence
  • New 2D seismic acquisition and interpretation
  • At least one exploration/appraisal well
  • Evaluation studies and resource assessment
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